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U.S. Coast Guard Certification for Marine Vapor Control Systems

WNEC has been authorized by the USCG to certify marine vapor control systems. The USCG requires that any marine loading facility, which uses a vapor control system, meet the applicable vapor control regulations (33 CFR 154.800)

To determine compliance with the USCG regulations, WNEC reviews

the system design and design documents, inspects the equipment and witnesses a test loading event. If acceptable, WNEC submits the required documentation to obtain a letter of adequacy from the Captain of the Port.

If a marine vapor control system has been modified, it may need to be re- certified. It is not a requirement that the original certifying entity perform the re-certification.

Contact WNEC to discuss your certification or re-certification needs.

USCG PIC Training

§154.840 Personnel training of the USCG Regulations require that the person in charge (PIC) be trained on the specific vapor control system installed at the facility. The training must include drills and demonstrations with actual vapor control equipment being used.

Required PIC Training Topics:
  • Purpose of the Marine Vapor Control System (MVCS)

  • Operating Principles of the MVCS

  • Components of the MVCS

  • Hazards associated with the MVCS

  • United States Coast Guard Regulations

  • Testing and Inspection Procedures

  • Pre-transfer Procedures

  • Connection Procedures and Valve Alignments

  • Start-up Procedures

  • Normal Operations

  • Emergency Procedures

WNEC can provide comprehensive, on site PIC training for your specific MVCS that meets USCG requirements. If MVCS PIC training was done only during the vapor control equipment commissioning and new PICs have been added since that equipment was commissioned, the new PICs should be trained immediately to comply with §154.840.

Contact WNEC for further information and availability.

Hydrocarbon Engineering Article

WNEC authored a paper for Hydrocarbon Engineering magazine, December 2003 issue. The article describes frequently overlooked vapor control safety problems that occur at marine loading facilities.

View the article "Safe and Sound" here.

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