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Due Diligence Services of Vapor Control Systems

In a time when many storage terminals are changing  ownership, the condition, capacities and emissions rates of the terminal vapor control system are critical to the due diligence evaluation. With our knowledge of the many types of vapor recovery, vapor combustion and vapor balance systems supplied over the last 25 years, WNEC can provide a comprehensive review of existing vapor control systems.  Since WNEC is not an vapor control equipment manufacturer, the evaluation will not be bias to promote the purchase of new equipment.  WNEC will provide an honest, realistic evaluation of the vapor control equipment and its prospects for meeting the terminals anticipated business.

The following questions will be answered in our Due Diligence Report.

  • Can the vapor control system meet the local emission requirements?

  • What is the expected loading capacity of the vapor control system?

  • What is the general condition of the vapor control system?

  • What, if any, is the estimated cost to bring the system back to operational condition?

  • What modifications are available to increase the capacity and/or reduce the emissions of the existing vapor control system?

  • What is the projected remaining live of the vapor control equipment?

  • What products is the vapor control system capable of processing?

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