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Jon W. Young, P.E.
Pollution Control
  • Design of hydrocarbon vapor recovery and destruction systems for the petroleum, chemical and petrochemical industries.

  • Design of vapor handling and safety systems for vapor control applications.

  • Design of incineration equipment for the destruction organic vapors from paint booth and ventilation systems.

Process Engineering
  • Design of heat recovery equipment including industrial heat pumps and glass tube heat exchangers.

  • Design of packaged fired heater equipment for use in natural gas transmission, refinery and production industries.

  • Design of economizers for high efficiency retrofits for existing fired heater systems.

  • Design of control logic of various fired equipment packages.

Technical Sales
  • Responsible for the worldwide technical sales of vapor recovery and vapor destruction equipment to the terminal industry.

  • Responsible for making technical presentations to industry and government representatives in the U.S. other countries concerning the sale of pollution control equipment and their ability to meet emission regulations.

Technical Writing
  • Author of service bulletins, operations & maintenance manuals, and proposals for equipment sales.

  • Author of technical papers for presentation to trade organizations.

Field Service
  • Responsible for the field service organization of a major pollution control equipment manufacturer.

  • Participated in over one hundred startup and service trips for vapor control equipment around the world.

  • B.S. Chemical Engineering Texas A&M University 1981.

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