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Vapor Control Qualifications


Warner Nicholson Engineering Consultants, P.C. (WNEC) was incorporated in 1998 as a Professional Corporation (P.C.) in the State of Oklahoma. The principal engineers of WNEC, Jon W. Young, P.E. and W. Nicholson Tuttle, P.E. (retired) have over 50 years of combined experience in working with and solving various environmental problems and issues within Petroleum Marketing Terminals and Storage facilities, particularly with Vapor Recovery and Vapor Combustion Systems. 

WNEC’s primary focus is to provide the terminal industry with an experienced, unbiased, non-manufacturer’s view of the control of VOC emissions. For a short background on the history of the Control of Vapor Emissions.  WNEC can also provide a wide range of services to assist the client with solutions and alternatives in dealing with some of the complex topics characterized by the various environmental issues confronted by the industry. Additionally, WNEC has contacts throughout the consulting engineering industry and if the client needs engineering assistance outside WNEC's area of expertise, WNEC can direct the client to qualified assistance.

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