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Hybrid Vapor Contol Equipment


A hybrid unit is a combination of two or more of the listed technologies combined to improve the emissions of a single technology operating alone. WNEC can make recommendations and if required proceed with conceptual engineering to link the required technologies from the various equipment manufacturers.

Examples of Hybrid Technology include the addition of a Vapor Combustion System on the vent of an older inefficient Vapor Recovery System to improve the emissions characteristics of the overall package. Another Hybrid would include the addition of a refrigeration system on the front end of an undersized PSCA unit. The refrigeration unit would chill the vapor removing some of the hydrocarbons. The now chilled inlet vapor stream would improve the operating characteristics of the activated carbon with the end results of having a higher total throughput capacity than just the PSCA unit alone.

Additionally, the United States EPA is proposing the introduction of a rule for the control of vapor emissions from certain liquid chemicals at storage and distribution facilities.  These chemical vapors, if the regulations proceed, will likely require a combination of the discussed vapor control technologies.

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