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Warner Nicholson Engineering Consultants, PC (WNEC)

WNEC is dedicated to providing the Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Refining, Storage and Terminal Industries with a quality alternative for obtaining information including Vapor Recovery, Vapor Control and Vapor Balancing. WNEC has unique capabilities for providing consulting engineering services related to vapor control of air pollutants generated from the handling, loading, off-loading, transportation and storage of gasoline and other volatile and/or hazardous organic liquids in storage terminals and tank farms.

Vapor Control Technologies can be broken into three major categories

Vapor Recovery Systems

An air pollution control device that recovers the contaminant and returns it to its original, reusable state.

Vapor Combustion - Vapor Destruction Systems

An air pollution control device that destroys the contaminant by oxidation and emits primarily carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O)

Vapor Balance Systems

An air pollution control method where the contaminated air (or carrier gas) is displaced back to a fixed volume storage container during the transfer process.

WNEC is a United States Coast Guard Certifying Entity. All new and modified Marine Vapor Control Systems located in the United States must be reviewed and certified that they are compliant with USCG regulations.

Per regulation 33 CFR 154.840, all Persons In Charge (PICs) of the transfer operation utilizing a vapor control system must be trained on the particular system installed at the facility. WNEC can supply that site specific training to USCG requirements. See USCG PIC Training for details.

WNEC can provide a wide variety of services in the Vapor Control industry; Engineering StudiesEquipment DesignDue Diligence EvaluationAgency CertificationInspection and Training

Although WNEC does not manufacture equipment, however we can assist clients with the design or optimization of most types of vapor recovery and combustion processes, including Activated Carbon AdsorptionVapor Refrigeration CondensationLean Oil Vapor AbsorptionThermal Oxidizing Vapor FlaresEnclosed Thermal Oxidizing Vapor FlaresRegenerative Thermal Oxidizers.

Most contracts with WNEC are under confidentiality agreements, however WNEC has provided multiple services related to vapor recovery, vapor combustion, odor control, vacuum systems and heat transfer to many major Oil and Gas Companies, Equipment Manufacturers, Power Transmission Companies. View a partial list of our clients and examples of projects completed.

The principal engineers at WNEC: W. N. Tuttle, P.E. and Jon W. Young, P.E. have a combined experience of over 50 years in the Vapor Recovery and Vapor Combustion Field. Projects and experience include: vapor control, wastewater treatment, piping system design(liquid and vapor), equipment layout, troubleshooting chronic equipment problems, training, Certifying Entity for marine vapor control systems and start-up and commissioning of new equipment.

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